The X-Reality Challenge

is back

We will build a custom VR experience based on your suggestions and have it ready for you to try during the event.

For the second time, we will be creating a FREE tailor-made VR experience for one of the companies that will attend VR In Marketing London, and have it ready for you to try during the VR In Marketing event on the 9th of November.

Here is how it works:

  1. You suggest an idea of a promotional Virtual Reality experience that you want us to create for you.
  2. The Weevolve Studio team will select the best idea and transform it to a VR experience in the week prior to the event.
  3. The VR experience will be ready for you to try and enjoy during the event

This is the second edition of The X-Reality Challenge.
The first edition was won by Barclays' Eagle Labs team. You can watch here a demo of the experience created for them.

You can be the winner of the second edition and see your idea live into a VR headset!
Submit your idea now to participate.

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